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Shine for DNN - Modern DNN Control Panel

Shine is a control panel for the DNN Platform (DotNetNuke) that is built to enhance the editing experience for everyone. If you use DNN and you want to build a better website, you need to check this out now!

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"Shine focuses on common use cases that exist in the entire product development lifecycle regardless of what website platform you are building on."


Shine is an extension that I've been building for the DNN Platform v7.4.2 and up that replaces the core control panel and Persona Bar as the default editing interface. Working with you to build a better website, Shine provides an array of features to augment your existing DNN website without the need for costly upgrades or worrying about getting locked into a solution. 


By simplifying the interface and providing users with contextual information, Shine focuses on common use cases that exist in the entire productdevelopment lifecycle (from development to regular production maintenance to enhancements and upgrades) regardless of what website platform you are building on.


Shine aims to enhance the following common tasks:


·        Management of your site IA (sitemap) consisting of pages and redirects


·        Management of your websites file and media assets


·        Adding and sharing content between pages, sites and other systems


·        Reporting on user activity through Google Analytics and other tools


·        Documentation of decisions and actions


·        Stakeholders wants and needs to know if their web asset has security issues, accessibility concerns, performance problems, complies with various regulations, and much more.


While there is a need to access and utilize the other aspects of DNN, after the initial setup there usually isn't the regular need for yourself or your clients to change settings such as page caching settings and CMS roles. Shine integrates seamlessly with your existing administrator and host modules in DNN 7/8 providing a familiar way to access your tools. For users on DNN 9, native Persona Bar extension support is on the roadmap. We want to ensure that there are no compromises when using Shine vs. the default experience regardless of what version of the DNN Platform you are using.


Shine's current guiding principals consist of:  Simplicity, Transparency, Continuous Improvement, and Always Providing Value. By focusing on these key principals and enhancing the common aspects of website management, we can create a consistent and powerful experience across your and your client’s daily workflows.


For example, lets take something as simple as creating a redirect. If you have a DNN website and want to accomplish this task some of your options are:


·        Adding it into the web.config using the IIS URL Rewrite Module


·        Creating a page redirect / URL in DNN


·        Using the custom Page URL's feature in DNN


·        Creating a meta redirect on a page


·        Using JavaScript on a page


·        Adding it to another server such as a load-balancer


By having so many different sources of URL's you are bound to not be able to keep track of them over the life of your website. Additionally, in many cases, you may have zero visibility to knowing if they even exist in the first place.


Shine addresses this by aggregating many sources of URL's from your system into our Page & Redirect Manager to ensure that your users always have up-to-date and accurate information - no developer required! This provides a self-documented, single transparent view to all stakeholders and eliminates the guess work and confusion.


Highlighted Features


Shine is still in development and its feature-set is bound to change, however, some of it's current key features are:


·        Dashboard that centralizes important website information and allows you to customize it with widgets


·        Google Analytics Reporting integration that pulls your analytic data directly into your DNN CMS, eliminating the need to leave your site and login to Google Analytics


·        Page and Redirect Manager that aggregates many URL data sources into a single view for your clients


·        File Asset Versioning with easy roll-backs


·        Easy to use responsive design that enables you to edit your website on any device


·        Contextual notifications, information and help documentation


More Information


Visit for more information on the latest features and updates.  


We'd also love your feedback - please feel free to let us know what you like or don't like and any features that you'd like to see! Be sure to check out the online demo for a quick and easy way to see some of Shine's features in action! 

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Shine for DNN Platform (Sneak Peek)

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Shine for DNN is an upcoming commerical extension for DNN Platform that replaces the core control panel experience in DNN v7.4 and up.

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