DNN... Where's the logout button?

Have you ever been frustrated that not all DNN websites have a logout button? Look no further, the Logout Control Bar Extension provides...

  • Posted on May 14, 2016

The Problem

Some DNN skins, like the default skin, have included the ability to login and logout from within the skin. This is commonly added to the header portion of the page. While this works great,not all skins support this functionality and not all websites want to have this functionality visibile to their users.

For skins and websites that don't provide a way to logout - users are forced to add ?ctl=logoff to the URL of their current page or navigate to the logoff page. This works as intended and doesn't take much time to complete, however, it is rather annoying to do every time you want to logout of your site.

An Easy Solution

The DNN Platform has offered the Module Extensibility Framework since v7.1.  This framework allows you to inject additional functionality into another DNN extension (if the original developer supports it). Thankfully, the DNN Control Panel has added support for this framework to give developers the ability to inject custom menu items.

I've taken advantage of this functionality and built the Logout Control Panel Extension. This extension adds a simple 'Logout' link to the DNN Control Panel that provides you with a quick way to logout of a given site. This is visible to all users that are logged in regardless of their role - if the Control Panel is visible, the Logout link will be too.

Download the Logout Control Panel Extension

If there is any additional functionality that you would enjoy having added to the DNN Control Bar please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.

Requirements & Disclaimer

You must be using the DNN Platform version 7.3 and up and have the default DNN Control Bar enabled.

I am offering this extension to you free of charge without any official support. However, if you run into any issues using it please feel free to reach out.