Log Parser Studio

Log Parser Studio is a must have app for every developer, admin or IT professional. It is a powerful tool (and free) from Microsoft that allows you to quickly query various log files, XML files, CSV files and more!

  • Posted on Jan 05, 2018

Microsoft describes Log Parser as "... a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to text-based data such as log files, XML files and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Windows® operating system such as the Event Log, the Registry, the file system, and Active Directory®. "

If you haven't been using Log Parser, this is an excellent tool that I highly recommend adding to your toolbox. It has come in handy for me many times when needing to crunch logs for troubleshooting, building reports, information gathering, etc.

You can download the application and view resources that I've found helpful at the links below.

Helpful Links